The 5 best Foods for increasing Muscle Growth

Only those who do Sports, also build Muscle Mass, but that alone is not enough. Anyone who wants to shape his Figure should adjust his Nutrition urgently. It is not enough to simply eat healthy. Many Foods can help speed up Muscle Building. Natural Protein is of great Importance. Vitamins and Minerals are also important building blocks for Muscle Mass. Instead of drinking artificial Shakes, this can easily be added with the Food.

  1. Fish
    Especially Salmon and Tuna, contain many Proteins. In addition, valuable Antioxidants are also contained in Fish. These effectively prevent the sprawling Destruction of healthy Cells and whit it prevents serious Diseases such as Cancer. The Protein Content of Tuna is above 21 Grams per 100 Grams. This means that the Protein is converted directly into Muscles. It is best to grill Tuna Steaks with Lemon, Rosemary and Sea Salt.
  2. Turkey
    Turkey contains very little fat, so the turkey is a very good source of supply for animal protein. 100 grams of turkey breast contain about 24 grams of best protein for muscle building. Recommended is fresh meat, that is fried in with little oil and a few herbs gently.
  3. Soy
    Soybeans are the best Source of Protein for vegan Athletes. Over 38 Percent vegetable Protein is contained in Soy. Soy can be eaten as Tofu. There are also Soya Steaks in the specialist Trade, which can be prepared like Meat. It should also be emphasized that the Potassium Content in Soya is enormous with 1800mg to 100 Grams.
  4. Lowfat Quark
    Lowfat Quark has long been an Insider’s Tip for Athletes, because it has very little Calories, but much Proteins and Amino Acids, which correspond well with one another. Lowfat Quark can be prepared with steamed Vegetables or Potatoes with Chives and Spices, but also with Fruits such as Apples, Strawberries or Raspberries and with a little Honey.
  5. Chicken Eggs
    Eggs are often avoided because of the supposed cholesterol Content, but they contain about 13 percent pure Protein. Nevertheless, Athletes should not eat more than 1 to 2 Eggs a Day to avoid high cholesterol Levels.

However, one should not only eat these five Foods, but also eat enough Fruits and Vegetables. In addition, do not exaggerate with Sports and Diet, but schedule every two to three Days a Break. The Body also needs Relaxation, Sleep and Rest. And, please remember, a diverse Mixture of Groceries is very important for best Training Results 😉

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