15 Inspiring Deepika Padukone Quotes

Indian Deepika Padukone is a famous Film Actress from India. She was born in Copenhagen and raised in Bangalore. She used to play Badminton in National Level Championships as a Teenager. Later on she become a very popular Fashion Model, before she started her amazing Actress Career. We have collected some of her Quotes for you:

  • “I am not sleepy at all!” (our favorite 😉 )
  • “My Choices are like my Fingerprints, they make me unique.”
  • “The Fruit of your own hard Work is the sweetest.”
  • “I am the Universe. Infinite in every Direction. This is my Choice.”
  • “I am very scared to invest emotionally in a Relationship.”
  • “I can go round the Clock without sleep.”
  • “I was getting to perform with an Actor with whom I had never interacted before.”
  • “A split second can ruin or boost the Sequence.”
  • “It is a common Perception that Actors don’t get along.”
  • ”I don’t like Differentiating between Art and Commercial Cinema.”
  • “Comic Timing is something you are either born with or do not have.”
  • “For doing Comedy, a Sense of Humor is a must!”
  • “The Styling takes you straight into the World of a specific Film.”
  • “Everything that Creative People think and do is from the Heart.”
  • “I have a lot of Friends, but my biggest Fear is Loneliness. I miss my Family in Mumbai, and my biggest Nightmare every Day is to go back Home alone.”

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