Muscle build up with Anabolic Steroids harms your Health

On the Way to the Dream Figure or high physical Fitness, many Athletes also try to use different Drugs. Several Million People use regular or occasional Dopings or Medicines during Weight Training and Competitive Sports. In Fact, the thick Muscles come almost as if by themselves – but initially often accompanied by Pimples, later on by Impotence, Sterility, Breast Growth, Kidney and Organ Damage. Experts therefore warns Athletes vigorously before taking high-potency Substances.

Many Consumers are not aware of late Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids. Only if the erectile Ability decreases or the Breasts have grown, many Men worry themselves and go to the Urologist. Anabolic Steroids consist either of Testosterone itself or related Substances of the male Sex Hormone. By taking high-potency Preparations, the Body turns off its own Hormone Production. As a Result, the Testis shrinks and the Potency decreases. This Process is partially irreversible. Whether the Body’s Hormone Production comes back into Operation depends on the Substances taken.

Also Kidneys, Liver and the cardiovascular System are affected. While Sport normally has beneficial Effects on these Organs, the Opposite occurs under Anabolic Steroids. The Result is irreversible Liver Damage, Liver Cancer and Damage to the cardiovascular System from Arteriosclerosis to myocardial Infarction. Men who take the high-potency Substances often also suffer from aggressive Behavior, Depression and a typical Steroid Acne.

So, please be careful with using any kind of Anabolic Steroids. It is best to avoid any kind of Doping! Keep clean, be healthy 😉

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