Lose Weight and build Muscles with Carb Cycling

Whoever wants to build Muscles and reduce Fat is usually disappointed. If the Intake of Calories is reduced, Muscle Strength is also reduced. A new Method will help to create both at the same Time. With so-called Carb Cycling Fat loss and Muscle building can succeed.

This Method provides to increase the Intake of Carbohydrates on Days with high physical Activity accordingly. On days when you only have a light Workout, a moderate Amount of Carbohydrates is enough. Because unused Carbohydrates are converted into Body Fat, the Intake is adjusted to the daily Stress Level. How high the Amount of Carbohydrates should be is determined by Factors such as Body Weight as well as Training Intensity and Training Length. While Carbohydrate Intake varies Day by Day, the Fat and Protein Distribution should remain constant.

Whoever wants to try Carb Cycling should know and use the best Sources of Protein. In Addition to lean Fish and Meat varieties, Legumes, Dairy Products, Eggs, whole Grain Cereal varieties and Nuts are also part of the Diet. In Addition to three Balanced Meals a Day, healthy Snacks such as Fruits, Vegetables or Protein Bars can be used. On Days with increased Intake of Carbohydrates, carbohydrate-rich Foods are on the Menu. Instead of conventional Noodles, white Rice and white Bread, for example Whole-Grain Noodles, brown Rice and Quinoa are more suitable.

So, if you want to build Muscles and at the same Time reduce Fat, you should try Carb Cycling. This Method of Nutrition, which is neither a classical Diet nor a pure Diet, is due to alternating Phases of high and low Consumption of Carbohydrates.

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