This Method allows Muscles to grow best in Strength Training

For Years the Fitness Industry has been booming worldwide. While it used to be a Niche for so-called Body Builders, who trained at the Gym, today ordinary People can be found in Fitness Studios. So many Millions of People regularly go to the Gym to do something for their Health, Fitness and Figure. Many rely whit it on classical Strength Training. However, many Mistakes can be made here. The wrong Weight Selection threatens Health Consequences and long-lasting Damages.

Exercising with Weights not only helps Muscle build-up, but also helps with Weight loss. The optical Results achieved in this Process often only play a pleasant secondary Role in the Training of Strength. For many, it is more important to be healthier and fitter in Sports. This can reduce the Risk of numerous Diseases such as Diabetes, cardiovascular Disease and Hypertension.

The Power Training with lower Weights and many Repetitions supports the Performance Increase. The Trainee should choose a Weight that he can move with 15-30 Repetitions in his power-endurance Training. The High Repetition Rate improves Muscle Metabolism and Movement. Exercises with higher Weights have a positive Effect on muscle Building. According to Experts, this Type of Training is not only for Beginners but also for performance-oriented Athletes, since the Foundations for higher Intensities are created.

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