Proper Stretching after the Sport to relax Muscles

Experts agree that Sport is generally healthy. Regular Exercise helps to reduce the Risk of cardiovascular Disease such as Myocardial Infarction or Hypertension. Athletes also are less likely to be overweight or obese. However, when the Muscles are heavily stressed during Exercise, they often harden quickly. This leads to the Need for many Athletes to stretch the Muscles afterwards. But this does not always lead to the desired Result.

In Principle, the Expansion Program should always be based on the previous Load. A longer static Stretching after intensive Training is not very useful. The primary Goal hereby should be to reduce the Metabolism Product Lactate as quickly as possible. However, static Stretching can reduce the Blood Flow through the Muscle and thus even extend the Regeneration Time. In this Case, the active Leakage would be much more effective. And even after an intensive Strength Workout, extensive Stretching is not advisable.

On the other Hand, when stretched under a Load, it can be advantageous. Many Athletes describe a subjectively pleasant Relaxation of the Muscles by a slow cool down. The Effects of Stretching on the Relaxation Capacity of a Muscle could also be confirmed by Sports Scientists.

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