Names of Girls in India – Popular First Name with Letter A

Girls in India are wonderful in themselves, but their First Names also give them a certain Spell to the overall Appearance. And that is why we start with the Search and Vote of the most popular Forenames of Indian Girls in a new Series called “Name”. At the Beginning, we talk about female Given Name with the first Letter “A”. And which of these traditional and modern Names do you like best and why? We are looking forward to hear your Opinion 😊

  1. Aadhya
    Origin: Hindu, Indian
    Meaning: First power
    Famous People: –

  2. Aahana
    Origin: Bengali, Hindu, Indian
    Meaning: First Sun Rise
    Famous People: Aahana Kumra (Television)

  3. Aairah
    Origin: Indian, Muslim
    Meaning: Noble, Respectful
    Famous People: –

  4. Aanya
    Origin: Russian
    Meaning: Grace (Form of Anna and Hanna)
    Famous People: –

  5. Aaradhya
    Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit
    Meaning: One who is worth Worshipping, the first One
    Famous People: –

  6. Aarna
    Origin: Hindu, Indian
    Meaning: Lakshmi
    Famous People: –

  7. Aarohi
    Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit
    Meaning: A musical Note
    Famous People: Aarohi Patel (Actress)

  8. Aaryahi
    Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit
    Meaning: Goddess Durga
    Famous People: –

  9. Aashvi
    Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit
    Meaning: Blessed. Another name for Goddess Saraswati.
    Famous People: –

  10. Adah
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: Decorated, Ornament
    Famous People: Adah Sharma (Actress), Adah Matilda Robinson (Artist)

  11. Additri
    Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit
    Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi
    Famous People: –

  12. Aditi
    Origin: Hindu, Indian
    Meaning: Free and unbounded
    Famous People: Aditi Sharma (Bollywood), Aditi Agarwal (Tollywood)

  13. Advika
    Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit
    Meaning: One who is unique
    Famous People: –

  14. Advita
    Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit
    Meaning: Unique
    Famous People: –

  15. Ahana
    Origin: Hindu, Indian
    Meaning: First Rays of the Sun
    Famous People: –

  16. Aishwarya
    Origin: Hindu, Indian
    Meaning: Wealth
    Famous People: Aishwarya Rai (Miss World), Aishwarya Rajesh (Actress)

  17. Alisha
    Origin: French, German, Indian
    Meaning: Noble, light
    Famous People: Alisha Pradhan (Model), Alisha Chinai (Singer)

  18. Amaira
    Origin: Greek, Hindu, Sanskrit
    Meaning: One who will be beautiful forever
    Famous People: –

  19. Amaya
    Origin: Arabic, Indian, Sanskrit
    Meaning: Guileless, Night Rain
    Famous People: Amaya Salazar (Artist)

  20. Anaisha
    Origin: Hindu, Indian
    Meaning: Special
    Famous People: –

  21. Ananya
    Origin: Hindu, Indian
    Meaning: Without a Second
    Famous People: Ananya Birla (Musician), Ananya Agarwal (Child Actress)

  22. Anaya
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: God answers (Form of Anaiah)
    Famous People: Anaya Go (Singer)

  23. Angel
    Origin: Greek
    Meaning:  Messenger from God, heavenly Being with Wings
    Famous People: –

  24. Anika
    Origin: Hindu, Indian, Scandinavian
    Meaning: Grace (Form of Anna and Hanna)
    Famous People: Anika Noni Rose (Singer), Anika Rahman (Lawyer)

  25. Anjali
    Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit
    Meaning: Tribute, Gift to God
    Famous People: Anjali Bhagwat (Sports), Anjali Patil (Actress)

  26. Anvi
    Origin: Hindu, Indian
    Meaning: Goddess of Forest, Someone who fulfills your Desire
    Famous People: –

  27. Anvitha
    Origin: Hindu, Indian
    Meaning: Understood
    Famous People: –

  28. Aparna
    Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit
    Meaning: Goddess Durga or Parvati
    Famous People: Aparna Sen (Actress), Aparna Jain (Author)

  29. Aradhana
    Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit
    Meaning: Prayer, Worship
    Famous People: Aradhana Mona Misra (Politician)

  30. Aradhya
    Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit
    Meaning: One worth Worshipping, the first one
    Famous People: –

  31. Aruna
    Origin: Hindu, Indian
    Meaning: Dawn Light, Rising Sun
    Famous People: Aruna Sairam (Vocalist), Aruna Asaf Ali (Activist)

  32. Arya
    Origin: Hindu, Indian
    Meaning: A Line of Prayer, noble Woman
    Famous People: Arya Gopi (Poet), Arya Rohit (Actress)

  33. Avantika
    Origin: Hindu, Indian
    Meaning: Name of an old City near Ujjain
    Famous People: Avantika Vandanapu (Dancer), Avantika Hari (Director)

  34. Avika
    Origin: Hindu, Indian
    Meaning: Charismatic Personality
    Famous People: Avika Sameer Gor (Actress)

  35. Ayesha
    Origin: Indian, Muslim
    Meaning: Name given to the Daughter of the Prophet
    Famous People: Ayesha Jhulka (Actress), Ayesha Takia (Bollywood)

If you have any other First Names with the initial Letter “A”, please write us a Comment and we will gladly add your Names to the List above.

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