India is celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Independence

India Girls celebrating the Anniversary.
India Girls celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Independence.

It was Midnight when the British Flag was drafted over the Indian Subcontinent after several hundred Years of colonial Rule on August 15. During the next 70 years of Independence, India experienced a remarkable economic Rise. On the Occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Independence of Great Britain, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has strengthened the Impact of his Country against outside Threats. The Liberation of India was the Beginning of the End of Colonialism. The Fact that Great Britain, the Victorious Power of the Second World War, who had to give up India, had been a big Signal for the Liberation Movements, for the Colonial Powers and for the whole World. The British Colonial Rule lasted for 190 years in India, first through the East India Company and then through the British Royal House. The East India Company gained most of its Control over the Region only in the Year of 1757. Over 100 Years ago, however, it had already managed trading Branches. It took only 48 hours before the British Troops withdrew after the Promulgation of the Independence of India on the 15th August 1947. And the Troops were completely withdrawn in February 1948. For the Future, we wish India from the bottom of our Hearts all the Best, Prosperity and much Joy! ❤

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