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UPDATE 2018.01.04: This Bitcoin Bot is down.

What can this Bitcoin Bot do?
This Bot grants You 1% of your Bitcoin Investment every 4 hours which adds up to 6% every Day and to 180% after one Month (Investment + 80% Profit). The Profit is made with International Trading od Cryptocoins which allows the Bot to buy Coins rather cheap in one Country and sell them more expensive in another.

What do You need to start earning Bitcoin Profit?
Global Trading Bot is a Telegram Investment Program. By using Telegram’s secure Network which only allows one User per associated Phone Number, you can start investing and earning Bitcoin today! This Bot works 7 Days a Week, which means You will get Returns every Calendar Day up to 30 Days.

When you start the Investment Bot using the Telegram Link https://t.me/GlobalTradingRobot?start=bitcoins

You will be able to make Deposits directly to a uniquely generated Bitcoin Address just for You. The Minimum Deposit Amount is 0.0025 BTC. You will accumulate Profits every four hours and can withdraw whenever You have a Minimum of 0.0025 BTC available in Your Balance.

Some Screenshots of the GlobalTradingRobot:

GTBOT Screenshot Start
GTBOT First Steps to start

GTBOT Screenshot Upload Balance
GTBOT Upload Bitcoin Balance

GTBOT Screenshot Investment
GTBOT Bitcoin Investment

Start the Global Trading Bot in Telegram and profit with Bitcoins today 🙂


But please remember, no Liability and no Profit Guarantee. Trading of Cryptocurrency can lead to Total Loss.

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