Every second Child will reach an Age of 100 Years

People in the World are getting older. Scientists have investigated the Question of whether Aging is associated with serious Diseases and if due that, a growing Life Expectancy is at all desirable. In their Study, the Researchers encountered interesting Connections and Explanations.

Are Humans in the Age beyond Hundreds of Years Models for healthy and successful Aging? Or is particularly old Age inextricably linked with increasing Diseases? What are the Symptoms of Individuals who have reached 100 Years of Age? Scientists have investigated how pathological Phenomena in the Life of those over hundreds of Years are represented.

Forty Years ago, only about one Person of 10,000 reached the Age of 100 Years or even more. Nowadays it is assumed that every second Child living in a developed Country in this Century reaches an Age of 100 Years or above.

The Scientists have investigated Routine Data on the Diagnoses and Health Care of around 1,400 elderly Persons. There are Indications that centenarians Suffer from a lesser Number of Diseases, compared to younger Cohorts of high Age. In the Discussion with aging Societies one speaks in this Case of the Thesis of a Compression of the Frequency of the Disease, that is, the Beginning of age-associated Diseases and Disability is always pushed further into the old Age, thus compressed. High Age and Number of Diseases are quite connected.

What do you think – how old will you get? 😉

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