Bitcoin as a Coin.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Bitcoins

Black Friday is called the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. Since Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday in November, the following Black Friday is considered the start of a traditional Family Weekend and the Beginning of the Christmas Shopping Season. Since most Americans use this Day as a Day of the Bridge and make their first Christmas Shopping, they make big Sales in the Shops. Many Stores open very early in the Morning to offer special Offers, Discounts and Freebies. Therefore, many people are waiting at Night in long Lines in Front of the Shops to get Doorbusters.

Since the Dissemination of the Internet Trade on the Black Friday following Cyber Monday advertise many Online Retailers with Corresponding Savings and Free Promotions. So it’s worth opening the Crypto Wallet. For the Bitcoin Black Friday and the Bitcoin Cyber Monday, some Dealers make compelling Offers, which of course only apply when you pay with Bitcoins.

Tell us what You have already bought with Bitcoins in the real World. Or what Ideas for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas or other Occasions You want to implement with Bitcoins. We would be glad if you leave us a Replay below.

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